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Remodeling The Best Interior Designer PA Homes

With the ongoing renovation of the Best Interior Designer Main Line PA homes in Downingtown, there is a new feel about the place that the homes of yesteryear may not have possessed. Gone are the days when one would find extensive carpeting in the living room or a set of French doors leading to the balcony from the bedroom.

The renovation team was given an opportunity to make the house feel as if it belonged to the 1920s or 1930s. For the flooring, Paul Godfrey picked out marble floors. He also designed all of the home's bathrooms to be quite in accordance with traditional bathroom designs.

Upgrading the kitchen with a stainless steel counter top and granite backsplash is yet another change that the renovation team made for the Best Interior Designer Main Line PA home. Other items to consider were adding a fireplace and upgrading to energy efficient appliances like dishwashers and refrigerators.

According to home renovations company manager Eric Brown, the crew chose Paul Godfrey's design because it gave them a chance to get back to basics and use their own creative instincts. A common theme that was found throughout the remodel is that the change was meant to be subtle and seem like an effort to bring the house into the present.

"The flooring and walls had to match, but they didn't have to be exactly the same," said Brown. "We wanted to bring it back to the basics and create a sense of continuity within the house."

Brown explained that the design of the kitchen and bathroom were designed by Paul Godfrey himself, and they allowed the team to focus on creating the rest of the house. They had each person with the group put together a rough sketch of what they felt would go best in the chosen areas.

"Each person would show their piece to the other and brainstorm what we should use and why," said Brown. They also gave each person one section of the home to show how they would like to be able to decorate it.

Brown explained that the design team selected three colors for the main line PA and P.C. themes throughout the house.

The first was black, followed by white and green, and finally red was the color choice for the front hallway and the staircase landing. Brown explained that if one can remember when he/she had seen the walls painted, then they will notice a lot of green throughout the house.

He explained that he knew that the red was going to be a challenging color choice because it is such a dramatic and strong color. They chose red mainly for the stairs because it allowed for a contemporary touch for the entrance.

Brown mentioned that it was important for the renovation crew to find a way to "push back" what they were trying to do with the use of color and design to bring in more modernity while still allowing the home to remain in keeping with Paul Godfrey's timeless design aesthetic. They used a pale yellow throughout the house to connect back to the staircase and the front entry.

Brown told us that he believed the design of the Best Interior Designer Main Line PA home and his other works were intending to keep with the past while looking forward to the future. In fact, he continued, "In its appearance, this house truly gives off the impression of having been designed a century ago.

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